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RCDP Convention March 2nd

The mission of the Richland County Democratic Party is to elect Democratic candidates and to encourage participation in the political process by people of all backgrounds who support Democratic principles. Funds raised by the RCDP will be used to help elect Democratic candidates and to support Democratic programs. To achieve this mission, RCDP will:

❖ Register voters, recruit and support candidates, and organize get---out---the--- vote strategies.

❖ Educate the community about Democratic ideals and the Democratic Party platform.

❖ Inform voters about political events and about issues such as education, the environment, transportation, healthcare, and the economy.

❖ Support the organization and development of Precinct teams and regional organizations.

Democrats Care

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Richland County Regional Groups

Our RCDP regional groups are comprised of cluster of precincts used to help organize our local communities, so we as democrats can both engaged with and educate ourselves and neighbors about issues and upcoming elections. Contact your local regional leader today to join their email list...and feel free to join the other regional group meetings too!

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Northeast Dems

REgional Group

When:     2nd Saturday @9am
Where:   Online (Zoom)

Contact: Marilyn B. Summers

email: marilynbsummers@gmail.com

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Ballentine, Irmo, Chapin (BIC)

regional group

When:  2nd Monday @630pm
Where: Zorba’s Greek Restaurant in the Seven Oaks
Shopping Center on St. Andrews Road

Contact: Dale Baer

email: smoakbaer@gmail.com

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In-Town Dems

REgional Group

When:     4th Saturday @9am
Where:   Online (Zoom)

Contact: Eve Moredock Stacey

email: evemstacey@gmail.com

Regional Affiliate Organizations

The South Carolina Democratic Party has various affiliated organizations working across the state. Many of these organizations have active chapters or groups working in Richland County and beyond as well.

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Richland Democratic Women's Council

Regional affilate group of the south carolina Democratic Women's council

Contact: Mirian Houston

email: msuberhouston@yahoo.com

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Young Democrats
of Central Midlands

REgional Chapter of the Young democrats of south carolina

When:  2nd Thursday @6pm
Where: SCDP HQ, 1929 Gadsden Street, Columbia, SC 29201

Contact: Dylan Gunnels

email: ydofcm@gmail.com

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South Carolina High School Democrats

STatewide high school democrats of america chapter

Contact: Evan Lawton